Monday, December 3, 2012

Kirkus Reviews

It's up.

The "Dolls Behaving Badly" review is now up at the Kirkus Reviews Website. Check it out, that is if you have the $$$ for the subscription rate.

If not, I've included tidbits below:

"The author’s narrative (that would be me!) style is witty and completely down-to-earth and creates the expectation of a meaningful message that is ultimately delivered....Despite, or perhaps because of, her very human flaws, Carla is a character who is easy to love, and her journal is an engaging read."

So nice to get a good review in Kirkus. Heck, it's nice to even get a review in Kirkus. So thanks, Kirkus! When I become rich or at least out-of-writerly-debt, I promise I will buy a six-months subscription as a way of paying it forward.

Hope everyone is staying warm. It's 3 degrees up here in Anchorage tonight. The skies are clear, the stars vivid, the moon still fat but no longer round. When I walk outside with the dog I can smell the neighbor's wood stove. It is a good and cozy smell. Winters are harsh but still, so much beauty.

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